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This is a true story that happened a year ago, my name is Lee and I have 2 47 5 feet short blond hair, breasts 34a. I am married to my husband Robbie. Many times we talked about the kind of fun rolling, but never had maximustube the nerve to specifically address when Robbie was more interested than me. Any Last year, we have, my Christmas dinner with Robbie his best friend, Gerry and went to his wife Tina, who said that to save wasting time, we were the night maximustube at his home in Romford overnight if we wanted, but would have to sleep on the couch to blow air in the room or bed of air. We said great, and I was curious about the main reason I would have the opportunity to get to see his son Mark, who is 21 years old and have a great laugh and when and is always around and chat, etc. when I was disappointed to maximustube learn that Mark was the night shift would not see him after all, and I think Robbie knew I was burned because he ribs me throughout the night by the lack of brand. In any case, the noiseNer went right back and had a few drinks and say goodnight to Gerry and Tina and settled into our air mattress for the night. The next thing I heard the front door was on watch and that was only 06th 00 clock gone, I realized it must have been to give Mark his coming in the form of work and needs, was delighted that he was there. If I roll to the other side I saw Mark looking through the windows of the dining room door, turned quickly and went into the kitchen. I thought for a drink anyway, and now I can go get one, I went to the kitchen and said hello, whom Marcos, when he saw that I was very shy and I realized that I only had a short night little Teddy, but it was very short, and I figured my nipples stood out. We chatted a bit and I saw some lipstick on his cheek and asked him about this, and he said a girl trapped in the work they had under the mistletoe, with the thought of what I said, I said, ' Oh girl happy '. He blushed a little and I know I did, too But also said that maximustube if anything here can do the same, to which I replied that I need. Suddenly, he was always very hot in the kitchen when he came near me, my heart was pounding in my chest at this time and felt my legs tremble maximustube a little. has Then he bent and kissed me swiftly to put his lips, stood back and said OK I wish I could do it again. That was enough for me, when I realized that we were kissing wildly, was the feeling of his tongue in my mouth very intense and I felt warm and excited. He pulled me toward him and immediately felt a lump lump on my crutch, put his hands on my hips, shapely and I felt a chill through me. He looked up and touched my bare skin, and then slid his hand to put both hands on my ass round and well formed, which led me closer and my bare pussy was rubbing the bulge in his jeans. I was always wet. I had to say, just wait longerLet me see Robbie, I looked out the dining room door, and still seemed sleep. turned to Mark and pushed him up against the work surface and kiss me again and his hand went straight to the top of my thighs, he paused as if to check if she was okay and I opened my legs a little and his hand went straight to my pussy wet and hot, slipped a finger inside me and I thought I would have to end, then two fingers. I was so wet, now I could hear my dripping moisture in soil and I think it was because he was about to be harder and faster. I could not wait and put my hand on the package, maximustube the pull to feel my pussy. My God, it was big and heavy, so gasped, as he rubbed his jeans though. Slowly, I unzipped his pants and his belt without his pants fall to the ground, wearing beautiful white boxer with a huge bulge in front. I pushed her down and gave his cock a cock and what it was, Itook him in my hand, and almost jumped in the air, which could be the maximustube effect I am with what I gave him a nice slow massage and obviously enjoys this had much to do. Without thinking I went to his knees maximustube and took a lot from him in the mouth, like me, who knew what he might he could not stop licking and sucking for all he was worth. Now it was hard to push his cock buried in my mouth fucking my face as if you've never fucked. it would be much sperm in my mouth as the mouth, but he had other ideas, pulled out his penis and then turned to me, so I leaned on maximustube the counter. He whispered in my ear : ' I ​​can, okay ?' All I could say was : '. If you see now,' Do not waste another second, I leaned over the sink, I was trembling with emotion, rudely pushed me maximustube forward rate, then your big fat cock in my wet hole directly soaking, I thought I would faint, it will be amazing, which started pumping and I thought that cum in seconds, but no, went further andthis is too much for me, my knees got weak, and had trouble breathing. Just when you thought it could not take it anymore I felt I grabbed hard, tense and maximustube shot the biggest load of hot cum maximustube in which I have experienced. He led for a few minutes and then maximustube stopped and left. I had cum running my legs and I was standing barley. We had a kiss and then went to bed, I cleaned then quietly climbed back into bed with maximustube the air feeling slightly guilty Robbie exhausted and agitated, Robbie put his hand on my ass (his normal sleeping position ) and went back to sleep. I do not know if he was asleep or not, but when he awoke in the morning, he turned to me with a broad smile on his face and winked ', then OK? ' Now However, if the name or mark appears only see what Robbie winks and smiles at me, I guess I was not asleep after all.
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